What Time Does Costco Close Today

As we know many peoples want to know about what time does costco close today online.

What Time Does what time does costco close Open?

What Time Does what time does costco close Close?

In this table we shared opening & closing times or what time does costco close

what time does costco close Hours Opening Hours Closing Hours
Monday 9:00 A.M 4:00 P.M
Tuesday 9:00 A.M 4:00 P.M
Wednesday 9:00 A.M 4:00 P.M
Thursday 9:00 A.M 4:00 P.M
Friday 9:00 A.M 4:00 P.M
Saturday 9:00 A.M 1:00 P.M

What are Costco’s hours of Operation?

Even though Costco ended their special operating hours which were added in the beginning of the pandemic, it has now limited its time slots to just Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9:00 to 10:00 AM. Only members that are 60 or older, immunocompromised shoppers, and people with disabilities will be permitted in those hours.

What time does Costco close&open Pizza?

You can also get Pizza in Costco and you will be surprised that it is also one of the largest Pizza chain in united States. Costco Close at 8:30 PM on weekdays from Monday to Friday. On Saturday it is open at 9 30 AM (30 minutes early) and closes at 6 PM. On Sunday it opens at 10 AM and closes at 6:00 PM.

Are all Costco stores open at the same time?

However, not all Costco Wholesale store have the exact same opening time, so please check the map below for your local Costco’s hours of operation. Click on your local Costco Wholesale Warehouse to see the Costco hours today, and for the rest of the week.

How do I know when Costco is open or closed?

The Costco app is another great way to know when we’re open. It’s free to download on the iTunes or Google Play app stores. What are Costco's holiday closures?


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